Tulsa MLS App Reviews

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Great app!

Awesome app that's easy and convenient to use!

Gets the job done!

This app makes it convenient to have access to MLS info on the go!


Filters don't work right. I've found a competitor app to be much better.

Very user friendly but has BUGS!

I love the great amount of info his app provides. I also love the ease of sharing, BUT that's where the problem lies. All shared listing have portal errors. Nobody can open the links, they all get error messages. PLEASE PLEASE fix this!!!

Crashes constantly

I can't do a search for anything other than residential property without the app crashing. Would you like to look for a vacant lot? Sorry, you can't do it with this app. The functionality that is offered for looking at houses seems like that would be great if that's all you wanted to see. Crashing shouldn't happen on basic functionality like changing a search type. Update the app or pull it from the store.



Very limited

Would love to see an MLS app for Realtors with the same functionality of Tempo. Many times I would like to search by street address or subdivision, but cannot do that here. This is okay when I need it on the go - but not great.

Less info than Fusion App

Will not search for properties by price range or address can only search with drawing on the map. So limited.

Works well

Works well


New update is much improved. Several new search criteria fields have been added as well.

Needs more search criteria

Works we'll and has a lot of great features such as the map search ability but needs more search options to narrow the searches. Especially needs garage capacity as search option.


Need more search options in residential and commercial. Pictures of houses displayed are bogus sometimes.

Ok, but could use improvement

Overall, its helpful and well thought out. I just wish there was a better way to search within a certain range of areas in town. The only way i know is 2 enter one zip code or one school,etc. wish i could draw a perimeter on the map and then get list. Maybe thats already there but if so it wasnt obvious how to do it.

Great content, crashes sometimes

By far the content accuracy is better than other apps. The mapping is good. I would like more search options but over all it is useful.

Pretty good!!

This app has helped us so far. Still need to find our dream house, but pleased with what we've seen!

Crashes too often

This would be great if it didn't crash so often. Especially when zooming into or expanding out a search map. It also crashes almost 100% of the time when using the Open House search. My clients get frustrated with it, but it's the best we have for now. Please work on minimizing the crashes.

Useful but also useless?...

I like this updated app much better than the last version. But I still wish it would show us the Broker Remarks & Showing Instructions. I use the app when I'm out w/ clients and if I have to call the agent to ask for showing instructions then I mine as well ask them about price, size, etc while I'm at it. So... It's sort of useful but it's also useless.


This is a fun app to play with. I wish you could search with more criteria. The map feature is really nice!

property type filter does not work

if you search for example, a quadplex or any specific type you get everything

Almost perfect

Love the new features like the ability to draw a circle around a search area. Would like to be able to search with a min or max price only, rather than having to search between a range of prices.

Almost perfect

Still has connection error when trying to do a search for Lease listings. Will be nice if they would fix it.

Nice Updates

Great app! This is a way better experience than looking for a home on a website.

Still can't login...

Right credentials... No access.

Can't log in

I have tried and tried again to log in and can't. Reloaded program several times. Updated phone. No luck at all.

Needs work....

A step in the right direction, but this app should have never been creates without subdivision search. One of these days Realtors are going to realize how to utilize technology...


This is what real estate agents have been waiting for, an app that delivers all of the crucial listing information with the touch of a button. All of the listings on the MLS instantly populate via GPS or general search. I can easily sort through the listing information to find the details I needed to get for my clients. I can send instant emails or texts to my clients from my phone updating them on new properties or status changes on existing listings. I will never be out of touch with my MLS again. GTAR did a great job by providing this incredible mobile MLS solution.

Great App!

Easy to use, photos look good and very convenient!

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